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Out Da Box TV - Brother Ali Interview (Part 1 & 2)

Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you a very special interview with Minneapolis Emcee “Brother Ali”, who recently released his new politically charged album with Producer “Jake One” entitled “Mourning In America & Dreaming In Color”. We were fortunate to speak with Ali on a number of thought provoking topics, dealing with the significance of the album’s full title, the benefits of the recent #Occupy Movements and the effects of being an Albino in this society. The 2nd Part of the interview touches on the upcoming US Presidential election and where “we the people” should be placing our faith whether Obama gets re-elected or not, Ali even takes the time to offer some solutions to the people despite our current circumstances relating to Unemployment and the effect of Low Paying Jobs. There’s so much depth in this interview that I had to break it up into 2 parts, so I strongly encourage you to take the time to watch both segments when you get a half & hour or so free. Much thanks to all my Out Da Box TV fans and supporters, this one is for the people! We hope you are inspired! Read below to check our Part 2.

For Part 2



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