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Out Da Box TV – Dilated Peoples talk Directors Of Photography LP

Its been almost over a year since we released our last Out Da Box TV Episode and I am happy to announce that today we will be relaunching the show. We’ll be giving you the same valuable content under a slightly different format. So, to kick off the relaunch officially, our first episode features a group who themselves are actually relaunching as well, comprising of 3 talented artists by the collective name of “Dilated Peoples”. We got a chance to speak with members Evidence and Babu in reference to their upcoming album entitled “Directors Of Photography”. They gave some insightful words about their experiences as a group along with their goals, set out for the music on their new album. “Rakaa Iriscience” the other emcee member of the group, was unable to make the interview but Ev and Babu held it down for the homie during the time. This interview is a must see for fans of Dilated, especially those anticipating the release of their new album. So take a moment to kick back for 7 mins and check out this special new Out Da Box TV inteview with DP. Thank you for supporting us always. Enjoy!



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