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Out Da Box TV - DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles Interview (Part 2)

As promised, Out Da Box TV brings you Part 2 of our in-depth interview with DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles. This episode kicks off with a segment on the late and talented Gang Starr Emcee “Guru” where Bumpy Knuckles speaks on the effect that Guru had on lyricists like himself and others. We also shift in to the issue of Hip Hop not seeming to have respect for its past, as opposed to other genres of music who often pay homage to their elders / pioneers. As the interview continues, Premier takes the time to speak on his ability to maintain respect from both the underground and mainstream fans of his music, whether he does a pop record with Christina Aguilera or a Raw Rap record with an Underground Emcee. He even speaks on the possibility of producing a record for “Miley Ray Cyrus” and confident that the music would come out dope if they were to actually work together. In conclusion, Premier explains why it’s important for him to continue to support the underground artists of today despite his level of success in the mainstream and in music as a whole. The two veteran artists finish up with a list of their upcoming projects and future music to look out for. Word is that they’ll be dropping an actual Part 2 to their recently released collabo album “Kolexxxion” which is now available in stores along with an instrumental and acapella version, which can be each purchased separately. My Partner, “Alevel” and I had an extremely wonderful time building with such respected and great talent in hip hop. Much thanks to Preemo and Bumpy for taking the dedicated time to give us such a great interview. We hope you are inspired. Enjoy!



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