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Out Da Box TV – Georgia Anne Muldrow speaks on the Seeds/Children (Part 1)

After a bit of a hiatus Out Da Box TV returns with one of our strongest interviews yet featuring the amazing producer/vocalist “Georgia Anne Muldrow”. In this episode which is actually Part 1 of a truly in-depth 2 Part series, GAM takes the time to speak affectionately on the importance of the “Seeds/ Children” today. Now this was not constructed to be a typical music interview, I specifically conducted it from an angle that would create dialogue about some of the realer issues affecting our children today, and since Georgia’s music often expresses concern and care for the youth, I felt it fitting to have this kind of discussion with her. In the interview Georgia speaks affectionately on a number of topics including why she chose to speak about The Seeds on her new album, how we can better prepare our children for a successful future, and how to reach our youth who are often vocal in schools and standout from the box that society generally tries to place them in. There’s so much in this interview to absorb, that I don’t think my description can do it the justice it deserves. Please take the time to watch Part 1 of our in-depth follow up interview with Georgia Anne Muldrow and be sure to check for Part 2 next week, which will be just as insightful for you to view. We hope you are inspired!

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