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Out Da Box TV – OUTLAWZ talk New Album, 2Pac, Careers and more

Out Da Box TV brings you a special new episode featuring the OUTLAWZ (2Pac’s Rap Group) We got a chance to talk with group members’ Young Noble, E.D.I. and Hussein Fatal about their new and supposedly final album "Perfect Timing". They took the time to speak on the significance of the album and also expressed some of the influences their big bro 2Pac had on them. E.D.I. gave us an update on the other original members of the group as to why they weren’t currently involved, and Young Noble took the time to speak on what’s next for each artists’ individual careers. It was definitely a pleasure to build with these brothers. Their album has a feel good vibe you’ll enjoy, which will certainly add to the Outlawz Legacy as a great way to close if this indeed turns out to be their last album. We wish these brothers much success in all of their future endeavors. Perfect Timing is in stores now! Enjoy the video!



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