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Out Da Box TV - Roy Ayers talks Hip Hop Sampling and Music Longevity

Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you a very special episode with the Music Legend “ROY AYERS”. We got a chance to meet with Mr. Ayers during his recent visit to NY, where he was gracious enough to speak on some interesting topics. One of the key subjects discussed was Hip Hop Sampling of his music, which Roy explained he was happy with and in support of. He also spoke on why other musicians have been resistant to support sampling of their music, and shared some insight behind their reasoning. Now at 70 years of age, Roy is still performing and putting out new music. He explained that he enjoys doing it and feels the creative energy he had when he was younger. It was truly a pleasure to be in the presence of such an impactful artist. Everybody, from A Tribe Called Quest, to Pete Rock, Erykah Badu, Mary J Blige and so much more, have been influenced by this man. Although he’s famously know for his singles “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” and “Searching”, Roy’s vast catalog is filled with an abundance of great music, making him one of the most sampled musicians of all time. In meeting him, what I found extra special is his humble personality, he has a vibrant energy that speaks strongly in this interview. Ok, I’ll stop rambling now, and just let you peep for yourself. This was truly a wonderful experience. We hope you are inspired. Enjoy!

Roy Ayers has a new album out entitled “King Of The Vibes” feel free to visit for more info.

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