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Out Da Box TV - Sy Smith Interview

This week Out Da Box TV is happy to bring you a brand new interview with the beautiful and talented Soul Vocalist “Sy Smith”. We were fortunate to speak with Sy back in May, when she visited NY for a show she had with Detroit Producer “Zo”. She took the time to speak with us about her new album “Fast and Curious” and how she benefited from working with “Mark de Clive-Lowe” as the project’s main producer. Among more intimate subjects, Sy shared with us a time when she sought chasing her dreams and realized it was fortunately turning into a reality. She even took the time to give some words of advice to struggling couples, by sharing from the success of her experience with marriage. Sy concluded the interview with thoughts on future goals she’d like to achieve in her singing career as well as the legacy she hopes to leave behind as an artist / individual. We even get to see a clip of Sy performing her Zo collaborated cover of the song “Driving” at Drom Nightclub in NY. It was indeed a great pleasure to connect with Sy for such an awesome interview. Her new album “Fast and Curious” is available now, and is sure to keep you up-beat and happy, especially in downer moments. Definitely feel free to pick up when you get the chance. In the meantime, check out our insightful interview with the Woman herself. Enjoy!

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