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Weekly Recap of New Hip Hop & Soul (Jan 13th - Jan 19th, 2022)

In the previous week we posted new releases both Hip Hop and Soul from a cool variety of artists. New Hip Hop Projects from Skyzoo & The Other Guys, Infintio 2017, and Kota The Friend. New Soul Projects from Blessing Offor and ïnnü. New Hip Hop singles from Casual & DEAD PERRY, WateRR and Lupara and New Soul Singles from B. Cool Aid, 30/70 and Liv.e. Check out our weekly recap of posts below

New Soul Music: Liv.e - Find Out

New Soul Music: 30/70 - ACCEPTANCE

New EP: Kota the Friend - Lyrics to GO Vol. 4

New Soul Music: B. Cool Aid - Cnt Go Back (Tell Me) feat. Liv.e, Butcher Brown, Jimetta Rose, V.C.R

New Soul Mixtape: ïnnü - Red Robe Series

New Soul Album: Blessing Offor - My Tribe

New Music: WateRR & Lupara - Silent Maneuvers feat. SB11

New Album: Infinito 2017 - Unwilling To Drink Dirty Water

New Music: Casual & DEAD PERRY - White Crown feat. DJ Eclipse (Single, Video)

New Album: Skyzoo & The Other Guys - The Mind Of A Saint

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